Listen "Live"

This is the place to be if you want to select a player to
listen to the station 'Live' throught your device. i.e. Apple, Android or PC. 

Listen LIVE now by clicking play above the menu if its not already.. you can also open another page to listen by cicking the listen logo below or use one of the below apps:


Various ways to listen... choose one


Just ask alexa...

Play B R I L L one four four nine radio

(read out each letter of Brill 1449)

wifi radios using reciva

app for android or ios

via Tunein using this player


Link for Shoutcast players

Got a wifi radio ? - Search for Brill1449, Brill 1449 or Brill Radio. Also copy the shoutcast link
You can also add manually be entering our stream address using

* download at own risk. this android app is provided free with no warranty or liability and is produced by a third party website. we are not responsible for any loss, damage or any other action that may occur with its use. If you do not accept this please listen via the website or use one of the other apps listed on this website.

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